Advantages of Electric Heat

Electricity! It's the energy form of tomorrow that's already making your life easy in so many ways today. Doesn't it make good sense to have the advantage of electricity in meeting your heating needs?

Those who have installed electric heating appreciate how clean the system operates.
With the stable electric rates offered by your cooperative, off-peak electric heat is affordable. Compare electric rates to the cost of fossil fuel to see how electric heat on off-peak can save you money.
The safety of electric heat gives you peace of mind for your home and family.
You'll appreciate the low maintenance requirements and convenience of your electric heating system, with no fuel storage and no messy ashes to haul out.
Electric heat is reliable - electricity from the Minnkota-associated systems is generated from North Dakota lignite coal.
Electric heat is versatile - with many heating options and products to choose from for your home, business or farm.