Safety Tips

Safety is everyone's responsibility.

Call Before You Dig

Before you dig anything, make your Gopher State One Call to 1-800-252-1166 or simply dial 8-1-1 to make sure there are not any buried power lines in your area. Do this before you dig holes for new trees, shrubs, fence posts, mailboxes or anything else. It is a good idea to call 48 hours before you plan to start your project. This is your responsibility under state law.

Look Up

Always make sure you stay at least 10 feet away from overhead power lines. Accidental contact could mean serious injury or death. Contact will also damage your equipment. Always have equipment lowered when transporting. When planting trees, remember they grow. A mature tree should be 10 feet away from a live power line.

Live Wire

Always consider an electrical wire or downed power line energized and maintain a safe distance from it. Do not touch anyone in contact with a downed power line. Call Wild Rice Electric to have the power source turned off and removed.
Wild Rice Electric Cooperative requests that any unsafe or hazardous conditions seen on our lines be reported by calling 1-800-244-5709 or by completing and sending in a Hazard Recognition Form. Thank you for helping keep safety first.